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What is VOPS(GPS)?

VOPS is most robust & useful GPS based Fleet Tracking Solution. VOPS can work with any hardware through the SDK shared by TransportHub. For more details, please contact us :

What are the benefits of VOPS (GPS)?

VOPS is Complete Suite of managing trucks and fleet in real time.  You can manage trips with driver trip sheet , trip expense management and many other reports . You may create free login to explore the system at

How does VOPS(GPS) work?

VOPS  deploys an GPS or Location Tracking App DriverHooq which are vehicle tracking device. The hardware connects with TransportHub IoT platform automatically . As soon as the hardware or app is hooked the the platform, reports and alerts are available on . To explore the platform , please create free login at

How accurate is VOPS?

VOPS ( GPS) , when combined  with TransportHub’s system,  is extremely accurate with an assured accuracy of 99%+ in terms of distance calculation , idle reports and much more.

Do I get graphical representation of the location & reports ?

Yes, VOPS is easy to use with its Graphical representation of key metrics via mobile and web app . Create FREE login at

Do I get real time location of the vehicle?

Yes. Map view of the vehicle is available real time. Hence you will always have visibility with key insights in an easy way.

Can I get alerts?

Yes. You can get real-time event alerts like reaching in particular location, idling for more than certain threshold and much more. Explore by creating FREE login

How is VOPS different from other GPS providers?

VOPS(GPS) by TransportHub is designed to support Top Management in addition to providing tools to operations team. It can also be easily integrated with other solutions of TransportHub such as Fuel Management Solution (FIT) , SIM based tracking (SIMTRAK), Warehouse solution ( VIVO) etc.

How much time is required to install VOPS ?

15 – 20 mins for each device  with easy installation instructions.

How can I improve effciency of my fleet?

We combine data with deep analytics to point out areas of inefficiencies. We give real time view on efficiency measures such as how many vehicles have covered the min. distance, how many are idle for more than a threshold time and so on.

Can VOPS ( GPS) work with SIM based tracking

Yes, instead of GPS device you just have to enable a mobile number and add to your account in a minute . More details may be found in

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