TTH – 208AIS
TTH-208 is a special waterproof tracker with bluetooth connectivity and designed to meet the Indian standard regulation, AIS140. TTH-208 is an ARAI certified AIS140 tracker with IRNSS and GPS, meeting requirements of GAGAN support, 2 servers functionality, internal battery, accelerometer and gyroscope, Embedded SIM, tamper-proof (IP67 rating) requirements.


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2 digital and analogue inputs, 2 digital outputs, RS-232


AIS certified with IRNSS, RS-232, Bluetooth


Yes, Li-Ion battery, 800mAh.


1 year

TTH-208 device is AIS certified with IRNSS having a sturdy design and the IP67 rating will make it waterproof and work in extreme conditions without damaging the device. The device can support 3 servers and all the standards that meet the Indian standard regulation. It is also accompanied with additional features The input/output can be used for controlling and monitoring other sensors attached. Bluetooth provided can be used for connecting external devices and sensors.

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