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I am Technology-enables Real-time Inventory Management System (TRIM)

I’m Your Digital Inventory Assistant.

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I help you manage your tyres costs & reduce cost upto 23%.

On-road inventory, tyre for example, is difficult to track because they are mostly out-of-sight. That’s where I come in. I have my eyes on them from when they come in brand-new to when they run in real time to when they are replaced. I monitor their condition, tell you how they perform, and suggest how to make the best use of your current tyre stock. This also means that if a tyre is mismanaged on the road, you will know. Moreover, I provide smart inputs that help you make timely decisions that bring down a world of inventory-related costs.

One more reason why you should use T-Hub Fleet Management System. You can manage your Tyres without any manual intervention and save 20% or perhaps even more

Advance retreading Alerts

Get your tyres run 50% more  with automatic system for retreading alerts to your team and vendors. Thus reducing the spend in tyres by around 23% 

Compare Per KM costs between brands & routes with analytics

Get an automatic comparison between brands with per km costs of each brand, You will also get overall per KM cost of your tyres which will help you in making budget for clients 

ERP / Accounting System Integration

Tyre life data , retreading records , per kms costs  and more may be integrated with your ERP/ Accounting system with  easy to use APIs. 

Manage tyres. On the go.

Consumables cost down by 15%

Optimised inventory & costs

Reports that help with decisions to reduce inventory-related costs like expiry, excess inventory, inventory-carrying cost and maintenance

Real-time visibility of inventory

Easy integration with existing GPS

Real time tyre-performance data

Easy integration with existing ERP

How to Configure?

Install RFID device 

Attach single use tag to the inside of Tyres

Start using the system 

Live Demo

We are always ready to provide a demo and take you through the process. Please book a demo and turn any phone into tracking device


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543 A-wing,
Balaji Bhavan,Sector 11,
CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra 400614, India.

+91 9319977101


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