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 I help manage your fleet and assets using  Automation system based

on GPS , sensors , advanced IoT & cutting edge  analysis 

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I help automate fleet management, tracking & operations with advanced IoT technologies  

T-Hub, Vehicle Optimization & Profitability Solution (VOPS) , is Fleet Management &Automation System with a great combination of telematics and advanced IoT solutions powered by intelligent algorithms. The system adds power to by enhancing GPS tracking with advance IoT devices and exception based analytics . Now you can plug and let VoPS manage the fleet.

Business Advantages :

Higher efficiency @ low cost with advanced IoT & GPS

Reduce human interactions by half by automating work flow

Manage operations from anywhere with app

Accurate tracking with deep insights to improve business

Features :


With TransportHub VoPS , an IoT powered fleet management software,  monitor & protect your fleet asset with intelligent alerts.


Integration with ERP/Accounting

Our fleet management solution can easily be integrated with any ERP / CRM or Accounting system like Tally with easy to use APIs

LIVE & Intelligent ALERTS

Get live & preventive alerts on exceeding TRIP budget or time, driver behavior,  route deviation, idle times or even an accident . Moreover , get vehicle preventive maintenance alerts.



 Get real time revenue and profitability of your business. The system also highlights vehicles not making profits. 



Automate fleet operations with a click . Attach a vehicle to a route and get TRIP sheet ready for print , email or send the data to ERP. 


You can track the drainage & filling of fuel, reconcile with Fleet cards, get mileage for each vehicle and recommendation on driving patterns to reduce costs

Fleet Management System For Different Aspects of Your Business  

With T-Hub fleet management software, ( VOPS)  you can have a quantum shift in the trajectory  of your business. A fleet owner or transporter  main objectives is run an efficient operations in a competitive industry. The owner always looks for ways  to save money & increase the utilization of existing fleet. Our IoT powered fleet management services can help in maximizing efficiencies through intelligent alerts & reports. Moreover, it automates the entire operations thereby reducing human errors.

Say bye-bye to paper trails or even manual inputting of data into ERP or Accouting system. Just plug into T-Hub VOPS and start making your Fleet Business Profitable.

Fuel Management with Intelligent Tech (FIT)

T-Hub  Fleet Management System has many modules with FIT being one which makes major difference as Fuel contributes to almost half of operating costs. You can now get real time alerts on unwanted fuel drainage, reconcile fuel filling data with Fleet Card data, vehicle wise mileage. You can save 5-10% instantly on your fuel costs immediately by implementing FIT. Of course , all this at a lower costs than any comprarable costs ( if one exists) 

Power Your Fleet with Intelligent IoT Sensors

Power your fleet with intelligent sensors to control and manage almost all the aspects of Fleet operations . Get our advanced sensors at low price. Get your tyres monitored , lock your doors with intelligent IoT lock , monitoring unauthorized access to consignment, track temperature , fuel level , engine oil  and many more. All just using an APP from the comfort of your office or when you work from home 

Consumables & Asset Management
with proprietary algorithms of T-Hub

By employing T-Hub  Fleet Management System, you can keep a check on your fleet inventory, history, and status. You can manage tyre life cycle, increase life of tyres with preventive alters , manage spare parts. Integrate the system with your ERP or Any Accounting Software with our easy to use APIs.

Increase Productivity With Fleet Management Devices and not only GPS

GPS fleet tracking has become ubiquitous in transport & logistics . However , the the devices are used only to cater to operational aspects. The device is not used as a tool to enhance business metrics . The old GPS device can be made powerful manifold with augmentation of sensors and intelligent algorithms. T-Hub Fleet Management System exactly does the same at a low cost.  The  telematics solutions coupled with T-Hub  best GPS fleet tracking device & cutting edge IoT devices  can enable  preventive maintenance, increase productivity by reducing idle time & empty runs  , improve fleet tracking and routing, automate operations in Post – COVID scenario &  manage safety of consignment and drivers. With advanced devices you can know when you engine oil needs changing , what is the accurate fuel mileage for each vehicle, whether your driver is a risky driver and much more.

Click  https://vops.transporthub.in/sim-based-tracking/ for SIM based tracking.


Fleet Management Software Gives You Access to Accurate Data 

As a fleet operations manager, data and analytics are important sources of information to track your fleet business. This information helps you to:

  • Stay informed about the condition of your fleet
  • Make informed decisions with actionable information
  • Ensure that all the reports are accurate
  • Reduce unnecessary costs by eliminating human errors

Any GPS fleet management software in India that’s worth its salt is going to provide fleet owners with data. However, some systems will provide them with too much data, forcing them to spend their valuable time sorting through unnecessary information just to get the snippets they actually need. Having a software that can provide fleet owners with easy access to the right kinds of data, as well as provide them with quality customer support they would expect, is a win-win for any fleet management professional. With the aid of this functionality, fleet operators can have access to data related to whether their fuel is being used most effectively, if their drivers are demonstrating efficient driving behaviours, and how much wasteful engine idle time is experienced by their equipment.

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Needless to say that VOPS improves operational efficiency. But we do not stop here and tie operational parameters to overall well being of business.

How to Use ?

VOPS application processes raw data to not only deliver information but also build knowledge with actionable insights.


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