Hi, I am FIT. I harness power of fuel level sensors & IoT to deliver 15% cost reduction.

I’m Your Digital Fuel Assistant.

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I help you save your fuel consumption by 15%  with fuel level sensors & advanced IoT & analytics

Fuel level sensors analytics & platform let you true  mileage of your vehicles. Do you want to know the fuel level on real time basis? TransportHub’s FIT( Fuel-sensing through Intelligent Technology) exactly does that. FIT combines digital fuel level sensors with GPS tracker and other IoT devices to furnish intelligent reports on mobile app. It indicates  level of petrol and diesel in the app on real-time basis in cars , trucks, trailers and variety of commercial and personal vehicles.  The wireless fuel tank and level monitoring app help in gauging fuel quantity continuously and prevents fuel theft . The app calculates exact mileage and tracks fuel consumption accurately. The app enhances fuel efficiency by almost 15-20% and recovers investment in a month. FIT automatically recommends petrol pumps and stations to reduce the cost of fueling. FIT can also be integrated with fuel cards. The entire package act as fuel control system at a low cost. FIT is not merely a Fuel Monitoring & Management Solution ; it is Fuel Efficiency Assistant. To know more about complete offerings visit https://transporthub.com

A Fuel Level Sensors & IoT platform that lets you take your fuel costs seriously and make you profitable


With Fuel level sensors with Intelligent Tech(FIT), you can know weekly, monthly, or yearly mileage trends. You can see overall trends as well for an individual vehicle. 

Analytics & TRIP sheet monitoring

Compare the fuel consumption with fuel level sensors to manage behavior of drivers to take appropriate action. Once you have entered a budget for fuel expenses in the TRIP sheet, FIT system will constantly observe and alert you and your team in case of breach well in advance 

Integration with ERP/Accounting system

All the data and analysis can be imported by any ERP or Accounting system with very easy to use APIs. You don’t have to worry about accuracy of completeness of data. FIT will do it for you with no human errors.


Fuel  Efficiency Guaranteed :

Cost savings of more than 10-15%

Low Investment = More Value for Money

Auto Recommendation = Increased Fuel Efficiency

Easy integration with Fuel Cards

Reduced theft and pilferage = More Profits

Internet of Things-integrated = Minimal Human Errors

Real-time Visibility for You

Fully Automated = Anywhere, Anytime Fuel Management

Exact Mileage Calculation and Comparison = Improved Resource Usage & Decisions

How to Configure?

2 steps only

Install – Our team will install fuel level sensors or guide the client engineers.

Use – Highly accurate data and analytics will be available to you with a click


Live Demo

We are always ready to provide a demo and take you through the process. Please book a demo and see how the T-Hub’s Advanced Fuel Sensing Tech (FIT) works

Intelligent Fuel Management IoT

Details of cost savings 

Read more about the benefits of Intelligent Fuel Management system powered by IoT and Analytics



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