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Need of hour – E-documentation in Road Transportation

Need of hour – E-documentation in Road Transportation

Many articles have been written detailing out advantages of digitalization of documents in road transportation space . However, the acceptance of digital document is still negligible. There are myriad reasons for low acceptance and most of them relate to inertia and...

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What is the role of tech in Fleet management ?

Fleet management is conventionally undertaken in most traditional ways. Although Information technology has been adopted by the companies in the sector , they are largely limited to accounting systems and disparate telematics solution installed on vehicles . However, there is not a single platform which provides an integrated view. We call the situation as an absence of Digital Nervous System. As the body’s nervous system instantly warns us of any impending dangers or opportunities, a well designed Digital Nervous System provides signs of opportunities and threats promptly and before it is too late. In today’s world implementing these technologies are neither expensive nor difficult . Only problems that the industry face are culture and mindset.  It is not anymore a choice but compulsion. Companies who wont adopt technology quick & fast face risk of demise.
Fleet Management & IoT Blogs section helps in understanding the pitfalls of not using technology and huge benefits that will accrue  with  changes in mindset and culture to adopt technology.

Fleet Management & IoT Blogs section shares knowledge with practical insights to use tech to improve efficiency. You can find many use cases and methods here to use cutting edge technologies like IoT and Machine Learning at low costs. The section shares best practices from across the world and contextualize it. Read and enjoy wide arrays of topic in Fleet Management & IoT Blogs. You may visit home page at https://vops.transporthub.in to know about TransportHub , the First Technology Ecosystem for Transport & Logistics.

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