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What is FIT?

FIT – Fuel Sensing with Intelligent Technology gives real time fuel levels in fuel tanks. FIT can be used vehicle fuel tanks, genset fuel tanks or for that matter any storage tank carrying fuel.

What are the benefits of FIT?

FIT provides actual mileage of vehicles as well as real time data on fuel filling and pilferage. Moreover, you also get to know where and when fuel filling or pilferage has happened.

How does FIT work?

FIT consists of an electronic sensor mounted on a fuel tank, integrated with a vehicle tracking device. The tracking device assists in providing details of vehicle like time and location when a certain event occurred.

How accurate is FIT?

FIT is extremely accurate with an assured accuracy of 99.2%, by far more than any other fuel sensor.

Do I get graphical representation of fuel usage?

Graphical representation of FIT represents all features. You can esily identify consumption, filling and pilferage.

Do I get real time fuel level in the vehicle?

Yes. Fuel level in the vehicle is available real time. Hence you will never run out of fuel at any stage.

Can I get alerts?

Yes. You can get real-time event alerts like fuel pilferage, fuel filling and even low fuel alert.

Can FIT be installed in vehicles which have dual tanks?

Yes.  FIT can be installed in vehicles which have dual tanks.

What should be the size of fuel tank required if I have to install FIT?

The size of the fuel tank is immaterial. FIT can be installed in almost any fuel tank.

How much time is required to install FIT?

FIT can be installed in approximately 3-4 hours in a fuel tank.

How can I improve Fuel Efficiency using FIT?

We combine data on driving behaviour with fuel data to provide hard data-based insights on driving best practices.

Can FIT be integrated with fuel cards’ system of HPCL, BPCL, Indian Oil, Reliance etc?

You can easily integrate this through our APIs or contact us for integration.

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