Hi, I Automate & Digitize Your E-Way Bill System

I automate your E-Way bill system by giving views of all Part B of all  E-Way bills whether

they are created by you or assigned to you by your customers. What’s more ,

I give you alert for any expiring E-way bill by sms , email and more. 

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I help you automating E-way bill monitoring system and save manpower

Get all your E-way bills in one place without any manpower cheaply. You can see Part – B of all E-way bills generated by all of  your clients in one place. You can also see E-way bills generated by you in case you do. The best part is your team get alerts for any expiring   E-way bills , thus saving penalties . You may assign different E-way bills to different offices . You can also define who will get alerts and when. For example, you may set the system to send alerts to your accounts team every 12 hours and if no action is taken in can send alerts to you t before 4 ( or any number of hours) of expiry. Know  more to start automating E-Way bill now. Scroll on!

E-way bill Automation & Digitization System is a part for T-Hub Fleet Management Platform. It saves manpower by 75% and reduces errors by 99%+

SingLE VieW

Part B of all E-way bills are consolidated here. You see E-way bills assigned to you by all your customers in one window and click to know the details. You  can also see E-Way bills generated by your team . 

Alerts to avoid penalties

The system allows you to customize alerts. Different type of alerts can be set for different people/ departments to take appropriate actions at right time.

Integration with ERP/Accounting system

All the E-way bill data can be imported  in any ERP or Accounting system with very easy to use APIs. You don’t have to worry about accuracy of completeness of data. 


Efficiency Guaranteed :

Reduce penalties & manpower

Low Costs

Auto Alerts

Seamless & Easy Integration with GSTIN

Reduction in Human Errors

Easy Integration with ERP/ Accounting System

View all the E-way bills one place with app

Review Anytime From Anywhere

Get Accurate & Complete Data

How to Configure?

2 steps only

  1. Add – GSTIN of your customers or your own 
  2. Use – Highly accurate data and analytics will be available to you with a click


Live Demo

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