VOPS Fleet Management Automation Solution with IoT, Software & analytics

VOPS Fleet Management Automation Solution with IoT, Software & analytics

Fleet Management Automation System

VOPS stands for Vehicle Optimization & Profitability Solution. VOPS Fleet Management Automation Solution is designed to provide tangible business benefits in terms of increased revenues and reduced costs thereby making trucking operations more profitable.

It is a platform that eases carrying out fleet business dramatically with  integrated view of entire business by combining different technologies at one place. All these technologies harness the power of cutting edge technologies such as IoT( Internet of Things) , Machine Learning (ML) and more.

How VOPS increases Profitability?

At present disparate systems or technology is used by transporters. The problems with current system are summarized as following:

  • Wide spread use of paper based processes making management rely on timely arrival of information, decide on the basis of incomplete information and worst to take decision on wrong information
  • Different software or systems for different part of business. Problems arising from using different software or System makes taking timely decision costly and most of the time impossible
  • Human errors
  • Lack of transparency
  • Losing business to tech savvy startups

What are the different Components of VOPS?

VOPS Fleet Management Automation Solution combines following modules to provide integrated view of your transport business:

  1. Business Dashboard : Provides all the details with exception & alerts at on place . Watch Below





  2. Tracking Management System : The tracking system is unique as it provides tracking through different technologies including GPS, Lo-Ra, Mobile Phone Tracking, App based tracking . Explore More
  3. Fuel Management System : Enhance fuel efficiency by 5% + by giving real time view of fuel consumption with real time filling and draining alerts, mileage calculation . How you can improve Fuel Efficiency?
  4. Tyre Management System : Provides automation for inventory management of tyres & also alerts in case of sub-optimal tyre pressure thus increasing tyre life & Fuel Efficiency . Case Study
  5. E-Way Bill Management System : Automates E-way bill management . Watch Video & Get Free Trial
  6. Tool for ERP Integration: Enables easy integration through APIs  with any ERP , CRM or Accounting  system

How is VOPS priced?

VOPS prices are transparent with following two components :

  • Hardware prices : Available on it’s shop . Shop Now .
  • Software prices: 6 month charges with discounts on annual payment . Available on request. Contact us

Is it difficult to implement VOPS for my Fleet Management ?

Absolutely not!  It is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create your Free Account     Login Now
  2. Purchase Hardware from TH-SHOP       Click Here
  3. Simple installation by anyone. Ask for      Online Help or Request for Installation by TH

What are the available alerts &  reports ?

The detailed reports are available for all the solutions. The reports deep dive to a very granular level of analysis in a very intuitive way:

  • Tracking reports with performance of each level in term  of ignition, stoppage , distance & much more
  • Geo fence reports on vehicles stay duration at Geo fences( can be defined by the users
  •  Fueling , draining, mileage reports for fuels at aggregate and individual vehicle level
  • Tyre performance report in terms of km traveled till any given date , comparison between brands and much more
  •  Alerts on unauthorized fueling, stopping , rash driving , tyre theft , retreading etc.