How I can use SIM tracking at low cost and quickly?

How I can use SIM tracking at low cost and quickly?

What is SIM based tracking?

SIM based tracking allows users to track locations with the SIM card of phone. The tracking works without the need of any GPS hardware in the phone. Any phone whether smart or non-smart phone can be used for tracking purposes.

The tracking data can be connected with a Mobile App . The mobile app can provide real-time locations and other reports of all the phones mapped to the app. 

What are the use cases ?

One of the major use case is for vehicle tracking. The vehicles can be tracked with the SIM based tracking of the driver’s mobile phone. The real time location and driver can provide the location of vehicle attached with the driver. 

Other use case can be that any device with slot for SIM card can be attached with any asset such as container, equipment, box etc. The SIM location can be used to track the whereabouts of the asset. 

What a user has to do ?

Any phone which needs to be tracked has to provide consent via SMS or call. 

How to give consent?

Can I see a demo ?

Of course, the following video shows how transporthub SIMTRAK can be used for sim based tracking in few minutes 

Demo for SIM based tracking

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