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My colleague DriverHooq APP can turn any Android phone to a tracking device. Download the app and know more by scrolling this page down.

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Download DriverHooq app & make Android phone a tracking device & more

App based tracking sis highly useful when  GPS is expensive or impractical.   By downloading the DriverHooq App  you can make any Android phone  a tracking device. The  app based tracking  comes with lots of other features which helps in managing fleet easily whether your own or market. Drivers can also use the app to send messages to multiple people with intelligent SOS button. All at a fraction of cost of GPS monthly fees. How to use it? Keep scrolling to watch video and more. Download app now https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.tth.driverhooq&hl=en 

Business Advantages :

More kilometers per vehicle. Higher profit!

Meeting all the requirements of the shippers

Per day charges for the days used . No monthly commitment

Tracking drivers and consignnment on Real-time

Features :


The DriverHooQ app based tracking gives real time location of an Android Phone. It converts the phone to tracking device instantly


automatic messages to driver

The DriverHooQ app based tracking can send pre-set messages as notifications to drivers about night driving , over speeding & more


DriverHooQ app is as good as GPS devices in most respects. It gives alerts on any exception such as idle time beyond threshold, overspeeding & much more

Safety Tool

DriverHooQ app is equipped with smart SoS button than what comes with the phones. You can enter as many as emergency numbers and it sends alerts to all in just a click .


Send documents & file over app

In the premium version of app ,you can add send images ,files ,music and other things to the phone of driver in the app itself 

Very Easy to USE

Just download the app in the Android device to be tracked and get set go. No configuration and no complication 

DriverHooq App gives you flexibility to turn any phone to tracking device if you don’t have GPS 

DriverHooq App for Android Devices ( phone, tablets and more) is a low cost replacement of GPS based tracking. It is very easy to use and powerful to meet almost all the basic needs & more. You may track any person such as driver or any workforce  with DriverHooQ. You can enter emergency numbers and can get alert to all with a click by the driver. You can send documents, images and more in the app itself. 


How To Configure ?

It is very easy.

Create account at https://vops.transporthub.in/products/src/#/register

Download DriverHooq App on the device ( phone) to be tracked https://bit.ly/3e861oJ

Add that number to your account and start tracking


How to Use ?

Sign in https://vops.transporthub.in/#/login

After login you will go to Dashboard with all the data

For Live Tracking click tracking of 2nd menu item on top right

The vehicle or asset tracking is visible



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