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Tracking of market vehicles with phone SIM of the driver of the vehicle. The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to track your market vehicle. Easily shareable with your clients.                                                                    

Best & cheapest way to track your vehicles with high quality & certified AIS and non-AIS devices. Easily integrable with your system with APIs with reports to improve profitability of your business

Improve business with 99.9% accurate fuel data and advanced fuel analytics . Benchmark your fuel consumption  and become more profitable. Easy integration with Fleet Cards of Oil Market Companies like IndianOil, BPCL, Reliance and HPCL.

A Fleet Management platform that lets you focus on growing your business


Automates daily tasks with advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms. Digitizes entire fleet management with easy integration with ERP/ CRM/Accounting systems 


Reduce spend with alerts based on analytics. Raises alerts on deviation such as fuel drain, less tyre pressure & more. Insightful reporting on fuel management alongwith other inputs enables better cost control 


Get the most from your fleet by getting alerts on predictive alerts real time utilization for each vehicle and shortfall therein. Get alerts on preventive maintenance such as tyre retreading, engine oil replacement & more 

T-Hub VoPS gives you full, comprehensive control of your vehicles through cutting edge Fleet Management System powered by accurate Tracking Devices  & Advanced Sensors

 T-Hub VOPS is advanced Platform for Fleet Management Automation with IoT Sensors . It provides a great fleet tracking & management tool with a click. When your vehicles are on the road, it feels like they’re off the grid. I remove all those unknowns and put you in control through VOPS, a GPS and sensor based fleet tracking , management & monitoring tool. With GPS tracker, fuel sensors, tyre sensors and more, VOPS harnesses the power of  its properitary Fleet Management Automation Technology  with IoT Sensors . I help you monitor the vehicles in your truck fleet , receive data from them, analyse it, and provide timely solutions for timely decisions on trip management, fueling, maintenance, routing and even driver management. Yes, I put you in the driver’s seat via just your mobile device. In fact, you are prompted to intervene only if an event is critical. Reports, alerts, friendly user interface, smart inputs and insights, multi-user access; you name it, I have it. And since mundane labour is taken out of the picture, your employees will be doubly satisfied. Better yet, since I’m a customised assistant, you only pay for what you use.

What is Fleet Management https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_management


Accurate Trip Estimate & Cost Management

Say bye-bye to manual estimates of TRIP costs with VOPS Fleet Management Automation with IoT Sensors . Just attach a route to a vehicle & TRIP sheet is ready for print or email. Better still T-Hub VOPS automatically enters TRIP data into your ERP or Accounting system without any manual intervention. 

Real time view on Revenue , Profitability and more

You can now see profitability of your business in real time for a day, week, month or a year. The dashboard allows you to monitoring profitability at the level of EACH vehicle and gives alerts on breaching the thresholds.


Real time fleet tracking & ETA

T-Hub VoPS, Fleet Management Automation with IoT Sensors ,provides, not only accurate tracking but also alerts in case a vehicle deviates from specified route.. You can know the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)  and predicts if ETA will exceed. The alert is sent to take preventive actions.

Optimize fleet Activity

Fleet idling and empty runs are major issues in Fleet management. T-Hub gives you the option to automatically map orders by your customers and suggest matching of the most suitable and closest vehicles to cater to the orders thereby reducing the idle time and empty runs

What is V.O.P.S. made of

GPS Device / DriverHOOQ App / Tracker App / Fuel Sensors / E.R.P & Accounting System Integration/Tyre Sensors/Door sensors & more

Reports On Tap:
Asset Management

      Distance Covered                                                          Travel Sheet                                                                   Accurate Odometer


      Day Overview                                                                  Geographical Coverage                                                Create Route


      Routes Covered                                                             Call From Dashboard                                                    Trips Made

Exception Management

      Geo-fence                                                                         Trip Sheets                                                              Unauthorized fuel draining 


      Device tampering                                                            Tyre related exceptions                                                                      Preventive maintenance 


      Unauthorised usage of AC                                             Route deviation                                                               Unsafe driving

Driver Management

      Driver’s behavior                                                         Driving hours                                                                  Driver allowance


      Adherence to TRIP sheet                                                      Idling                                                                               Early & late arrival

Sensor Management

       Door sensor                                                                Temperature sensor                                                        Humidity sensors


     Tyre sensors                                                     

Fuel Management

        Fuel consumption                                                     Fueling and Draining                                                                        Fuel level variation

Asset Management

       Distance Covered  

       Travel Sheet 


       Day Overview     

       Geographical Coverage 

       Create Route

       Routes Covered    

       Call From Dashboard  

       Trips Made

Exception Management



       Emergency / panic bottom

       Device tempering

       Over speed

       Unauthorized usage of vehicle

       Unauthorized usage of AC

       Route deviation

       Engine idling

Driver Management

      Driver’s behavior  

      Driving hours

      Activity outside working schedule

      Over speeding


      Early & late arrival

Sensor Management

       Door sensor 

       Temperature sensor  


       Weight sensor

Fuel Management

      Fuel consumption


      Fuel level variation


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